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'ideas are everywhere'

be creative!

Art and design are all about being creative. As a young artist and designer you will be constantly developing your skills and confidence. There will be lots of different materials and techniques to try. Your opinions count, so you will learn how to talk about what you love (and hate!) in art and design. Art and design require a lot of hard work during class and in your own time but the results are worth it. Using a sketchbook as a visual diary is a fun way to explore ideas and collect imagery that interests you.

This site contains lots of information about art + design activities at school, with some handy tips and tools. It also has plenty of links which you can explore for fun and to give you ideas for practical and critical work. Each page has 'breadcrumbs' to follow above the title. Links, pictures and info will be added all the time, so keep coming back to check out what's new! Try clicking images to find hidden links... Check the blog to find out what has been added, or to find images or links that have moved.

Elizabeth Blackadder, Indian Still Life with hand of Buddha

Practice and experiment Spend time experimenting with different techniques. Use materials you haven't tried before. Draw as much as you can outside of class - the harder you look and the more you draw, the better an artist you will become. Try out different ideas.

Thomas Heatherwick, curling bridge, Paddington Basin
View video of curling bridge using Quicktime Player.

Find an interest You will get more out of art + design if you are working on things that interest you. Find inspiration from your hobbies, places you visit or know well and from books or magazines you read. The internet is a good place to find interesting ideas. The links pages will give you a start.

Alison Watt, Sabine

Don't seek praise, seek criticism It is easy to get approval from people, but you will learn much more by asking how you can make your work better. This way you are much more likely to get an honest answer and maybe ideas as to how to make improvements.

Philippe Starck Juicy Salif lemon squeezer

Accept responsibility You are creating your own work. No-one else is making it for you. Take control and really push it. Develop new skills to help you improve it.

Lucien Freud

Ideas are open knowledge The world is full of great ideas, you just need to get into the right frame of mind to grab hold of them. Discuss your ideas with your friends. Take inspiration from their ideas and make something new. Share your ideas and you'll get many more back.

Tony Cragg sculpture

Your current project is THE PROJECT Don't think "I'll work harder on the next bit of work". Your current piece of work is THE piece of work- make it the very best you can and you'll be even better placed for the next project. Sometimes the best art comes from starting points you wouldn't expect.

Callum Innes,

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